Not Locked Down!

The theme for this year seeks to re-emphasize that we as Christians have found FREEDOM and TRUE HAPPINESS in a world plagued with pandemics, social instability, and so on.

Though the whole world may seem locked down, not just with the pandemics, but with the legality and skewed moralities at the moment, Galatian 3:23 reminds us that the children of God have been liberated to operate in His Grace and beyond the confines and provisions of the worldly ‘righteousness’ and legal system through the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ; the reason for our faith, and so we say, we are NOT LOCKED DOWN!

The Programmes

We are going VIRTUAL this year in line with the COVID-19 protocols for Health and Safety.

We are putting together a Virtual Mass Choir that will be singing the carol hymns this year.

Ministers will worship with us from all around the globe in the virtual worship sessions. Of course, some known friends of the house will be ministering too.

Going virtual this year will allow us to unlock a lot of possibilities.

Real-time interactions, live sessions, contests, giveaways, and so on.