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Brief History

Amuwo Odofin Community Carol was first held on Christmas Eve 2008.  Its concept was inspired out of a passion to unify the celebration of life in the community.  The program flow was guided by the Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols by King’s College Chapel, United Kingdom.  

Picture of the 2008 AmuwoCarol Music and Arts Families of Stage

The program was envisioned by the SOP Initiative; originally known as True Worshippers Family Choir (TWF), and annually planned by members of the Amuwo Odofin Community.

The visionary and inaugural president of the group, Emmanuel Efunwoye, had pioneered and executed an annual musical concert, tagged Symphony of Praise for four (4) years before the birth of Amuwo Odofin Community Carol.

The choir membership spans different denominations of Christian bodies or groups—regardless of their fundamental doctrines, Jesus Christ is the message of their togetherness.  Rehearsals and Music training for the purpose of the carol service start as early as July/August, to enable a flawless presentation.

The choir has enjoyed growth spiritually and numerically, and we ascribe glory to GOD for that.  The journey has been tough, yet we stand in HIM who has called us to His glory. Since its inception, the program has been professionally and carefully managed, from planning to execution, by seasoned and passionate personnel.  It is a great privilege to serve on this team. Financing the project has been the bid of residents and friends of the Amuwo Odofin Community. Profit and non-profit organizations have also been a major blessing to the projects – their contributions are enormous. 

The future is bright for Amuwo Odofin Community Carol.

We wish that other communities will emulate this great vision.  

We foresee a time where from around the country, people will be able to watch and listen to this event live on TVs, Radios, Mobile phones, and over the Internet.  We believe that a Love-driven Community will give rise to a God-driven Country, for God is Love.

The Venue

The location for Amuwo Odofin Community Carol has always been an open one at the T-junction in from of Arapasopo Gardens at the Liberty Square area, zone B, right in the center of the Jakande Estate in Mile 2.