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Year: 2021 (Hybrid Edition)

Theme: Shalom Aleichem

The birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ, is the reason for this Season.
And even as we celebrate his life, we also remember to celebrate his parting gift to us…

His final words of inspiration
His final words of comfort
It came before His parting words to us (John 20:21)

Shalom Aleichem. He says, which translates as “Peace be unto you.”

He has sent us, just as His Father sent Him
And now, we convey the same message of peace to the world to which we have been sent

This December, even as you enjoy the festivities and all that comes with it, we say to you… Shalom Aleichem!

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Hybrid Edition

We learnt new methods from the year 2020 COVID experience, so we maintained the online for those in diaspora.
The hybrid edition was a huge success.