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Year: 2022 (Hybrid Edition)

Theme: Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh

In the current juncture of their lives, Nigerians find themselves yearning for a guiding force, akin to the way the Israelites anticipated the advent of their ‘Messiah.’

Some are actively pursuing opportunities, engaging in a ‘JAPA’ quest to secure what they envision as a brighter future. Others, desiring the same but constrained by financial limitations, choose to remain and nurture hope.

In both Nigeria and beyond, there are those earnestly praying for a modern-day Goshen, while others extend their prayers to encompass an entire Jerusalem. The collective sentiment suggests that 2023 holds the promise of the transformative change sought by many.

This juncture appears to be pivotal for Nigeria and its people, a tipping point into an anticipated era. In this context, the theme for AmuwoCarol 2022 embraces a profound faith, drawing inspiration from the symbolism inherent in the Christmas season—a beacon of hope for Christians.

We approach this symbolic season as a conduit for prayer and prophecy, mirroring the arrival of Jesus Christ over 2000 years ago. Just as the Israelites found hope in his coming, we prepare to welcome the ‘Messiahs’ chosen by God to lead us.

With the essence of the MAGIs who recognized the signs of their time, we invoke the symbolism of GOLD, FRANKINCENSE, and MYRRH, prophesying for the chosen leaders and inviting the divine intervention of our ultimate ‘Messiah,’ Jesus Christ, into the affairs of our beloved nation.

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Hybrid Edition

We returned fully to our T-junction venue at the Liberty Square area, adjacent the Arapasopo Garden Zone B, right in the center of the Jakande Estate in Mile 2.